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This is my website you all think that i am gone to have a real life but i am still doing some work :D you all liked the tradehack so here is the new dupe hack have fun i made it with mousepad together he had the good ideas and found some info to make it work ::: :::

use right mouse button SAVE TARGET AS.. Else it will not work
download dupehack now

this is the new trade hack i found it have fun it works great as for of 27-06-2002

1) p1 with hack p2 with nothing
2) p1 loads tradehack with d2hack it .load th
3) p2 says they got an unid'ed occy but they dont there friend p1 has it
4) p2 says show me offer they show u stuff u say ok let me make room p2 run 2 stash
5) p1 runs to them they got the item they set pick up the item boom they dropped
6) p2 says ok they go to the guy he sees the item in the top left corner but u dont (because the item img was transfered from 1 of the pakets sent to the next trade)
7) they put up items hit accept thinking they are getting the item and u get free stuff

*ways 2 avoid it*
1) tell the 2 move it around
2) it will auto apear there
3) exit trade and open again the img will only be ther for 1 trade only not any more than that
4) dont trade with any one
5) make a game for only 2 people
6) only trade with friends